Sunblaze is an upcoming precision platformer with pixelart graphics and more than 300 levels.

The game is inspired by Celeste but with a heavier emphasis on puzzling, and with different mechanics.

It takes place inside a training simulator, where Josie (aka Sunblaze) is being trained to be a superhero by her father.



Sven Magnus (Mudloop)

Sven is one of the co-founders of Umbrella Games, where he worked on numerous mobile hits like Down The Mountain, Monster Merge and Boom Dots.

While he may return to mobile one day, for now his focus has shifted to making indie games for PC and consoles.


  • Programming
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • Special Effects
  • Pixel Tweaking
  • Music Production
  • BASS

Tom Filhol

Tom is a freelance digital artist specializing in pixel art, and worked on games such as Arcane Waters and Moon Raider.


  • Environment Pixelart
  • Props Pixelart

Fernando Bordón (PixelTheWise)

Gamer by choice, artist by accident.


  • Character Design
  • Character Pixelart & Animation

Furkan Gülüs (Kagenstudios.com)

Furkan is an Audio Engineer and Producer with an academic background (Bachelor of Arts - 'Sound and Music Production), specialized in Mixing, Mastering, Production and Post-processing.


  • Audio Design
  • Music Co-production
  • Mixing/Mastering

Joshua Pearce (GamesFromSpace)

[Biography redacted by request of Canadian government]


  • Code Consulting
  • Shader Shenanigans

Paula Hernández (Boomi Art)

Paula is an illustrator and concept artist, specialized in digital art. She loves to design characters and their worlds.


  • Hires Art

Technology Stack


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